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A Life Changing Experience For All Lives That We Touch Directly or Indirectly

Why Should Learnig Be Hard?

What if there was an easy and fun way of learning about the things in life you are passionate about, things that you really enjoy doing and that mean a lot to you.

Don’t wait until this exciting time in your life has passed and you wished you had learned about the important things in life back then.

The most important day of your life is today.

Did you know that not everyone learns and remembers the same way?

There ar no slow learners, just slow teachers; we just need guides to show us how we can excel in life in our own special way.

Which way do you find it easier to learn things?

  1. By seeing them done.
  2. By hearing how to do them.
  3. By doing them yourself with someone showing you how.

These are just the different ways we all learn and remember easily.
Find out how we can give you the edge on life through these Discovery Programs.

Riches for Kids Life Experience Discovery Program

This is a program for the enrichment and empowerment of kids of all ages.

When we speak about Riches we are referring riches is all the seven main areas of our lives, Mental, Physical, Vocational, Family, Social, Financial and Spiritual.

We will be achieving this through a series of discovery workshops both school and community based aimed at providing access to the tools and resources to create happiness, wealth, abundance and all the other good things in life.

In this on going series of discoveries we will be encouraging the participants to find out what they really want from life; to discover the options they have available to them and share with them personal empowerment strategies to assist them in achieving the life they dream of.

The Questions We Ask

‘The quality of our life depends on the quality of the questions we ask”. Dr John Demartini

Of whom should we ask these questions?

Firstly of ourselves, we really already know the answers, but have forgotten them, so we need to remember what they are.

A good question to start with is to ask yourselves who you really are.

When you have asked yourself, “Who Am I”(use your name) , in a quiet and meditative way, then wait and listen for the answer, for if you are listening and aware, you will hear the answer. When this answer comes, write it down exactly as you are given it, it will probably not be what you are expecting to hear, but be sure to write it just as you receive it. You may be quite surprised at what is revealed to you about your true self and your soul purpose here on earth. Why you are here and what purpose you intended to achieve. We all have greatness in us. We came here to achieve specific goals and when we are in alignment with this purpose is when we are most satisfied and feel most fulfilled, because we are fulfilling our true destiny.

The "Riches for Kids Program" helps us to discover who we really are and what is our True Life Purpose.

When we are aligned to our true purpose in life is when we feel most fulfilled in what we are doing and achieving, our life makes sense and things just seem to flow effortlessly. When we live our lives aligned to our true values is when we can make the greatest difference in our own lives and in the world in which we live.

So why not take charge of your life today and start changing your world,one person at a time, starting with the only person in your life that you can really change, that is YOU! Become involved with our program and share it others.

You can register HERE for our Discovery Workshops and Inspiration Programs, these are where we have fun and learn as well, because this is the way it's meant to be!